Working Mom’s shopping is now comfortable with KINDERENA

(Celebrating International Women's Day, 2017)
Soon, the world will be celebrating International Women's Day on 8th of March, 2017 and the theme for this year is decided to be #BeBoldForChange.
What do we understand about #BeBoldForChange?

The theme and the day are to motivate the women to #BeBoldForChange without which one cannot think about the gender inclusive world.
To help make these surroundings a better working world for all, everyone must join their hands and should come forward to make their contribution towards these betterment goals.

How will KINDERENA support #BeBoldForChange?

1.    KINDERENA will forge women advancement-

No woman in this world is incapable of being advanced. All she need is a helping hand. Organisations should take steps for making their working environment comfortable for them.
Installing KINDERENA gaming modules at their offices, the employers can let the lady employees’ work without any worries about their babies of early age. More concentration on their work will ultimately forge women advancement.

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