KINDERENA Giving Smiles to Children at Hospitals

Children can often be seen sulking and scared at the hospitals while doctors and parents try to convince them for their checkup at the same time. After realizing this problem of the trio (Doctor, Parent, and Kid), KINDERENA professionals gave a thought process to the need of some comfort solution which can let the children feel at ease while getting the medical services and to help the doctors in establishing better connections with their young patients.

Let’s see what benefits the healthcare businesses will receive on implementing the KINDERENA ENTERTAINMENT AND ENGAGEMENT SOLUTIONS within their hospitals (in consultation rooms, recovery rooms and waiting areas):

1.    Children comfortability: Installing the games in the kids’ corner matching to your interiors will not only enhance the style quotient of the organisation but will also help in making the children comfortable before and during the treatment process. A harmonious aura all around the hospital will attract the children towards itself letting them forget about the pain and problems they are suffering from.

2.    Smooth treatment process: A child who is crying and running out of hands is hard to handle and examine. On the contrary, if a kid is busy playing and sitting at a single place, then the doctor can do the checkup in more efficient way.

3.    Children Safety: Children are more prone to injuries when left with equipment and medicines generally found in the hospitals. Making them busy with the safe playing modules developed according to their age will ensure their safety while they are waiting for their turn.

4.    Removal of communication barriers: It would be easy to communicate and understand the problem of a Relaxed and happy kid than a scared and crying child. 

(This is important because communication barrier may sometimes lead to improper diagnosis).

5.    Make Parents job easy: Parents can often be seen dragging their children into the checkup room which is indeed a tough and tiring task. But what if children happily run into the hospital because their favourite games are waiting for them over there? Parents will thank you from the bottom of their heart for easing up their situation.

6.    Promotional opportunity: Every business needs a branding which is now easy with these customised gaming modules without much effort from your side. Games designed according to your theme are perfect for amalgamating the customers and your best interest.

For more queries and understanding about our product options, you can call at +911147002501, and we would be happy to help you in crafting a unique range of gaming modules customised according to your corporate identity and brand name.

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