KINDERENA at Beauty Salons

Nuclear Families these days brings a lot of responsibilities for the couple to fulfil every need of the home.

But, while doing all these regular chores, most of the ladies find it difficult to spare some time for the regular beauty regimes.

Either they miss the visit to the beauty salon, or they need to take their little naughty kids along with them.

Now you can imagine yourself, being a mother how difficult it would be to have your treatment while your kid is hanging by the side of your chair or exploring the equipment at the salon.

Their whole attention towards the child makes them forget about the pleasant feeling that they might experience during the session.

Because “There is nothing more beautiful than making a woman feel beautiful.”
Hence, to give them some special “SHE” time (that these women definitely deserves), KINDERENA brings here some tailor made gaming equipment for the kids between ages 3-8 years.

The gaming solutions designed by the team of experts is supposed to be placed at the strategically decided location in the salon (Our Team will be happy to advise you the same), so that parents can have an eye over their kids while taking their hair cut or while experiencing a special beauty session.

Let’s see some more key points that you should know about KINDERENA:

Certified Gaming Modules- KINDERENA games are Bureau Veritas Certified for child safety and conforms to EN71 & IS9873 Toy Safety Standards.

Easy to Clean- The salon managers do not have to worry about the cleanliness and hygiene of the place, as the games are designed in a way that they catch no or minimal dust over them (and that too is very easy to clean).

Safe & hygienic- The games are meant for little kids, and are completely safe with no loose pieces or parts, hence removing any choking hazards.

Antimicrobial Coating- The coating over the games is non-toxic and antimicrobial for health and safety of little kids.

A helpful aid for increasing footfall- Because mums will find it easy and comfortable to take some time out for themselves at your place, the footfall can be increased by these entertaining & engaging games for the little kids.

Branding Opportunity- The games can be customised and you can choose the colour according to your interiors. The brand name/logo imprinted and inculcated in the games also serves as very easy yet effective branding strategy for your brand.

This way including KINDERENA KIDS CORNER at your place can certainly help you gain more profits and popularity in a single go!

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  1. The games that we ordered for our preschool are becoming a favourite of the kids from the very first day. Also, we find it very easy to engage them through these gaming modules. It is certainly one of the best deal that we have made for our kindergarten.