Navratri Theme: 9 Games for the 9 Days at your shopping place.

The markets are getting competitive, and businesses need to get creative to be in the race. KINDERENA being your well-wisher and a guide always come up with the ideas to get the most from your business and now again we have come up with the fresh marketing idea for you.

Whether you are in a retail business, mall owner or deal in any other front end retailing, what you can do to be in your customer’s attention is keep your place theme-centric.

As Navratri season is on its way and only a few days are left for the preparation. We got you the idea of getting your store converted into a Navratri Theme.

Apart from decorating the place according to each day of Navratri what you can do for the kids is to install a new game for consecutive nine days of the Navratri and promote it accordingly.

If a child knows that he/she will get something new, for his next visit on the following day, no one can stop or deny him for a visit that day.

Now the central question that will arise in your minds is-Which nine games you can inculcate to motivate them for their next visit?

 Let’s take a look-

1.    Crazy Mirror- Kids will laugh rolling on the floor once they see themselves in the funny shapes and sizes in this fun filled crazy mirror. It keeps them engaged for a long time when they manage to do the fun with their friends by making funny postures and faces.

2.    Memory Pairing- After fun on the first day, it’s time to do some brain exercise on the next turn. This memory pairing game is a fun flip game on the board which make them put their remembering skills in action. Kids usually compete with one another by matching a maximum number of pairs.

3.    Fun Character- Do you remember changing the attire and doing the hairstyles of your dolls in your childhood? It was one of the best fun game you must be playing during your kiddie days. KINDERENA fun character board game brings back the same fun with its flipping blocks where the kids need to match the right clothes, and accessories according to the gender of the character on board.

4.    Sports Car Fun System- Enough board games for the consecutive three days? Get them some real fun with the sports car fun system from KINDERENA. It gives them the real life feel with space for three kids to play at one time.

5.    The airplane goes zoooooooom- Why play on earth only when we have an airplane in our store. Vibrant colors and the structure full of fantasy keeps five kids busy at a single time. This airplane fun system enhances their imagination and motor skills.

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