Kinderena Raising Siblings Without Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry is the disagreement forms that can be seen in almost every home between brothers and sisters in a kind of jealousy, teasing, fighting, demanding and competing.

This phenomenon among the kids which is generally overlooked by the parents can have a significant effect on their mental and social development.

What can KINDERENA do to help overcome siblings' rivalry?

Develops the bond between them: Fun Systems from KINDERENA with exciting modules like Airplane and Sports Car keeps the kids engaged in their fantasy world. They get so engrossed in the fun world created by KINDERENA that they actually start to enjoy each other's company.

Make them disciplined: I-Fun from KINDERENA, a digital gaming platform with interactive modules ensures the development of kids in a disciplined, imaginative and explorative ways.

The quality time they spend with each other: While the parents are busy in shopping, kids will find themselves indulged in quirky gaming experience coordinating with each other to play around with the beads and the blocks. They will relish the time spent with each other at KINDERENA KIDS CORNER.

Memorable experience: Kinderena Fun Boards and Fun Systems are so favorite of kids around the globe that after experiencing one time it becomes their memory for a lifetime. Siblings spending time at KINDERENA KIDS CORNER will surely be interested in avoiding the rivalry at such friendly atmosphere.

Siblings find themselves to be in a team: Almost all the gaming modules from Kinderena encourage team playing. Being in a single team will encourage the siblings to take each other's favors and will ultimately forget the quarrelling habits.

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