We all have heard that learning has no age limit. This quote does not only adhere to the elder people but to the kids too. Children become ready to learn from their birth itself. They simply learn while playing where learning happens in small things by listening, responding and talking every day, everywhere. 

KINDERENA let the children learn while playing and grow while learning.

 Let's have a look at it-

Learning Colors- One of the most interesting module from I-Fun"Kinderena Crazy Color" is a friendly and engaging recreational game by which Kids can try their artistic skills and learn about colours while playing.

Hands and eyes coordination- Wire Bead Game from 'Fun Boards KINDERENA' help in developing coordination skills among the kids. They develop the physical motor skills while moving colourful beads in random paths. 

Recognition Skills- With Jungle Bug kids will learn to recognise and to arrange by putting pattern/color coded items into their respective rows.

Imaginative Skills – Now Flip and Flop with this module called Kinderena Fun Character game. Kids need to flip the blocks for making characters by matching similar kind of blocks thus developing their creative skills by making them think how a character can look in a particular part.

Learning to be alert- Memory-pairing game from Kinderena enhances the mental ability of kids. They pair up the same kind of images depending upon their memory and thus involves an ample brain exercise.

Digital Skills-I-Fun from KINDERENA is loaded with interactive fun digital games including Whack-a-mole, Memory Mania, Jigsaw Puzzle, Dress Me Up and Hunger Ride like games. These games give a digital experience to kids initiating their step towards technological advancement in the world.

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