Importance of Playtime in Child's Development

Kids nowadays are facing problems in their physical and mental growth because of their hectic schedule at studies. The parents are not giving proper attention to give them some time to play and relax as they are busy in getting their children in the race of coming first in class.

Growth being the most significant reason for providing kids a relaxing play time, there are several other purposes too which play time can offer to your children.

For physical and mental growth, a kid also learns and grows knowledge about the new set of skills, and a dedicated playtime offers a chance to your child to practice those newly found skills without the educative guidance of their parents or any other adult. 

Imagine a situation where you teach your kids how to greet your elders and how to hold a coffee mug properly. Then in next few days, you see your child showing his/her teddy bear how to hold a coffee cup properly or how to greet elders. This process of imaginative play helps your kid practice all the new skills you have taught, or they have learned from other adults. So, a fun play time for kids can prove to be a fabulous learning time as well, providing them with a non-judgmental and quite a safe way to rehearse new skill sets that they are learning.

However, the learning process doesn't stop here; there are so many other benefits which your child gains through playtime. They get to have a good grasp on communication skills, socialisation skills, and problem-solving skills with creative learning. Just give your kid a bag full of blocks, and he/she will learn from several trials, errors as to how to build different models using those blocks. While this blocks building game is merely a fun for your child, but it is altogether a new learning experience for him/her without informing them that they are learning.

If your kid is playing with other kids and shares his toys and games with others, then he gets to learn the art of cooperation a sharing along with learning how to work in sync with a small group. Thus, play time helps children learn to solve problems, to be creative, and to learn varied social skills. Providing ample time to play allows the kids to develop mentally, physically and emotionally as well spending their time in something they love is relaxing, fun filled and entertaining as well.

Maybe today children are building sand castles, rearranging the blocks, or enjoying coffee sips at their imaginary cafes, but, these playtime activities help them build tomorrow's architectures, interior designers, and so on.

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