Fun is Never Enough with Kinderena

Are you searching for some excellent, engaging indoor play solutions for kids at your commercial place? Here you have come to the right place then. KINDERENA provides a wide range of commercial indoor play equipment designed with expertise for the kids between age group 2- 8 years old.

The Play modules from KINDERENA are divided into three groups:

Fun Boards – Fun Boards as the name suggests are the traditional board games with the modern touch from Kinderena. These modules can be mounted over any vertical flat surface for maximum space utilisation and thus offers maximum usage with minimum requirements.

I-Fun – I-Fun is the range of Digital Games from KINDERENA. The uniqueness and modern techniques in these touch and play games attract the kids with its interactive user screens.

Fun Systems – Fun Systems are real life like modelled games which consists of Fun Boards as well as I-Fun Digital Games. So be it Airplane, Rocket, Balloon or the Sports Car, the kids will love playing with these fun-filled gaming modules.

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