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Do you always think of improving your business profits?

If the answer to this above question is a “YES” and we have a good news for you. Now you can do this with ease by installing a kids’ corner at your business place.

Wondering about how can a kids’ area or an Instore Play Corner can improve your business performance? 

The reason behind this theory is that- An attractive and engaging play area can lead to high business retention and great customer satisfaction and this will result in questions and statements like –

Mom, Can we come again to this restaurant tomorrow?

Mom, Can I celebrate my Birthday with my friends in this mall?

Hey Dad, The Doctor Uncle’s Cabin was filled with So Many Games. When will you go to that dentist uncle again?

Hey Granny! Are you going to that Supermarket with Games? Can I come with you too?

Noooo!! I don’t want to go home from here.

I want to play more mom…Please….You go and do some more shopping na!

Mom, when will you go to your Parlor Now? That Place has so many good games to play! I love going there with you.

These questions/statements can now be about your business too!

We, at Kinderena are working on uniquely created and crafted games just for your particular business. The customised products represent the branding and the theme of your business and thus help you in creating the environment in tune with your products and services.

You can get here:

FUN BOARDS – Easy and Fun Filled Board Games Like wire beads, pairing games, Fun-Character or Crazy Mirror etc.

FUN SYSTEMS – These are the Airplane, sports car, rocket, hot air balloon etc. games which are modelled in the way of real life like structures and are embedded with Fun Boards and I-Fun over them for the multiple play sessions at the same time.

I-FUN – Touch and Play Games are the digitized games for the modern day kids. These are interesting yet easy to play for kids between age group 2-8 years.

Like to know more about - Which benefits could your business achieve if marketed as a child-friendly option?

Talk with our experts and we will help you explore the best option for your business profits. For more info you can visit our site or can request the product catalogue by sending us an email at

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