Have you ever imagined children dragging their parents to your supermarket and then leaving them in peace for the shopping time at your place?

You may find it impossible. But, understanding the needs, we have brought to you the all new concept which not only makes the kids enjoy at your place but also provides them with the healthy environment in which parents would love to let their children play, engaged and entertained while learning the new concepts.

When Kinderena Kids corneris in your store, we ensure the placement will be done strategically so that the parents can keep an eye on their children while completing their shopping lists. Our games will be placed in visible spots in your store, so that the parents can keep an eye on their children while they carry out their grocery shopping.

Learning, experiencing, feeling. That's what Kinderena Kids Corner Kioskis made for. A different element is placed on each of the three sides of our play modules. You choose the models and whether you want a mix of digital & analogue or just analogue games.

Our play corners can be made up of many different elements: wall mounted play systems, analogue and digital play modules, and free standing components etc. There's also a selection of ergonomic Kids furniture to really complete your kids' corner.

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