Kinderena- Kids Play Areas

Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together, they make this world a beautiful garden-Author Unknown.

Children are the seeds that God sent to grow on this garden earth and as they grow they need a proper environment where they can sense serenity and apply their creativity to grow in a better way developing into a morally good and mentally strong human beings.

Kinderena Kids after realizing this has come up with some exciting, fun-filled, interactive and entertaining solutions for kids that are meant to be used at Hypermarkets, Malls, Retail Chains, Stores, Airports, Super-marts, Banks, Clinics, Hospitals, Billing counters, Booths, etc.

Designed to keep kids happy at these places, Kinderena helps in developing their cognitive skills. Making a balance between mind and the hands, the child will develop cognitive and analytical skills and learn to perceive in a better way.

Internationally acclaimed standards and benchmarks of the products conforming to European & Indian Child Safety Standards make it stand in the range of safest playing modules available in the market.

Bringing an exultant flight of fancy to the kids' world, Kinderena tries to create new play areas every day; that will bring best to your industry and will ultimately take your business to the favourite list of your young patrons.

Solutions catering to individual needs of your business, are customizable according to the look and feel of the place and comes in three categories-

KINDERENA FUN BOARDS -An entertaining and engaging platform to play, relax and learn. These are the Boards that can be fixed either on the wall or any flat surface taking up no space at your place and yet creating an amazing and interactive kids’ corner.

KINDRENA FUN SYSTEMS -Keep kids engrossed while augmenting their imagination power. These fun systems are kind of models of some real world entities to which fun boards can be installed and will ultimately give your space an attractive look.

KINDERENA I-FUN -The digitized fun game modules which are both innovative as well as engaging with advanced gaming approach will attract your young patrons by its advanced user interface, and you will be feeling proud of being a tech-savvy company.

So, Come and join hands with us to give these kids the environment they deserve and the sales hike you need.

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